Cory, 36

Incarcerated: 5 years

Housed: San Quentin State Prison

“My Transition”

Im sleepwalking, not really here,

I’m in prison, no reason for cheer.

My world’s blank, all concrete and bars,

No seeing up. so I can see the stars.

I’m full of evil, nothing positive to say,

So keep me locked up, so far away.

Friends and Family lost all hope in me,

Five and a half years was the last time I was free.

Prior to that, all drugs and life on the streets,

Now I’m sober on a mattress and poorly made sheets.

Once I figure out that I can do better,

The stress on my back will be as light as a feather.

She’s from Humans of San Quentin, her name Diane,

She gave me a future, I’m her #1 fan.

Even though the system really isn’t fair,

She gave me all the reasons to care.

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