Written by: James

Many dreams I wasted away

All my problems in life could’ve walked away

Crimes are so easy to commit

Why was I so foolish to submit

I give my life one true I admit

To want forgiveness I will never just quit

Why my mind could not just sit still 

I thought I was alone on this hill 

To prove my blood I would’ve killed 

To keep my faith is beyond powers

Life goes fast and time drags by the hours

My mind is polluted with childish bad words

But my true mind is like a birds 

In with the good and bad thoughts 

I will not dwell on anything 

Something that could make me rot

Always stay focused off the track is what I’m taught

The course will flow if like your leg is caught

Trapped in with the good cold and hot

Until you are given the shot

A shot to a dream come true 

Everywhere in the world red, white,& blue