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What We Do

We share the lives of people inside prison with the outside world here and on our social media channels. We receive stories in the form of letters, art, and poetry, and we conduct face-to-face interviews with people in prisons around the world. These stories give a voice to the unheard to include the most excluded population into the public conversation.


of Life Inside

Explore the lives of incarcerated people through the power of storytelling. Find stories, letters, and interviews written by people in prisons around the world.


Enjoy the works of incarcerated artists, who express what words cannot say alone.


Peer into the hearts of incarcerated poets.


Cook, connect and experience one aspect of prison life


Support HoSQ by purchasing published books by incarcerated humans.

Live from Inside

Humanity comes alive through videos told by individuals who are otherwise barred from the outside world.

Beyond the Bars

Celebrate the freedom of previous incarcerated contributors by reading their interviews, in which they share their experiences preparing for their release from prison, getting out, and living life outside.

Humans Around the World

Our goal is to shine a light into every cell around the world.

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Understand Prison Talk

Thank You Notes

Gratitude knows no limits


Humans with something to say

Ways to Get Involved

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Receive more inspiring stories and news from incarcerated people around the world.