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How can I submit my or my loved one’s story?

Tell them to send us a letter to our PO Box or use our online Contact Us form. We’ll get in touch with them with more information on how to submit.

Humans of San Quentin
PO Box 417
San Quentin, CA 94964

How can I support HoSQ?

Check out our Ways to Get Involved page, or donate to us. We are a tiny organization, and support in any form means the world to us.

How can I sign up for HoSQ’s newsletter?

We end our newsletter about once a month. Sign up here!

Are the stories posted on HoSQ censored?

Each of the stories we share go through an editing process. We strive to stay true to the messages and voices in each piece of original writing, and only edit for clarity or length when required by various social media platforms. Furthermore, after each piece is edited, the author receives a copy of their stories, and we will make any further edits or corrections that they request.

Are there any stories HoSQ won’t publish?

To date, we post the vast majority of the stories that we receive. Rarely, we may request that a writer elaborate or resubmit if the content of the story is unclear or inappropriate. At times when we receive a high volume of submissions, we may not be able to post every story that we receive.

I work in the prison reform space. How can I partner with HoSQ?

Please use our online Contact Us form to provide more details about you and your organization. We are eager to work with you!

How can I volunteer with HoSQ?

Thank you for your interest! Please use our online Contact Us form.

I’m a student in the Bay Area. How can I intern?

Our interns keep us afloat! Thank you for your interest. Please apply using our online Contact Us form, and we will be in touch.

Can I write a letter directly to people who tell their stories on HoSQ?

Yes! Use our contact form to let us know who you would like to write to. If they have chosen to share their contact information, we’ll send it to you. Making these connections means more than you know for someone inside, and we cannot thank you enough for reaching out.

How can I find a pen pal who’s incarcerated?

We are not a pen pal program, but we believe that it is incredibly important to build connections between the inside and outside worlds. If there is someone that you saw featured on our website or social media, then use our contact form to request a pen pal, and if they are open to sharing their contact information, we can put you in touch. If you are interested in looking elsewhere, you may find penpals through organizations such as Write a Prisoner, Black & Pink, or Friends Beyond the Wall.

Can HoSQ pass along my message to someone featured on the site?

Sure! Comment on their post on our website, or send us an email at [email protected] and we are happy to mail it to them. If they have opted to share their contact information, you are welcome to write them yourself as well!

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