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Poetry is an allegory that tells no tales. It has no race or gender, no ego or attitude. Poetry is neither big, tall, short or small. Most of all poetry allows various incarcerated men and women to express their pain, their visions and their remorse with a meek and humble approach. Humans of San Quentin would like to share their poems with our readers. Give us your feedback and please, tell a friend. We hope you allow us to open our hearts and share our poetry with you.


“Am I?” by Katherine

Am I?   Am I worth it? Yes, because I now know my worth. Am I enough? I am because what didn't  break me made me stronger. Am I loud, sometimes when I am pressing  God. Am I still, No, Not no more, I will…
June 14, 2024

“What If We Could All Love One Another?” by Timothy

What If We Could All Love One Another? Wars and rumors of wars, I’m bringing Jesus to the street, Put down your pistol and your dope. You won’t need a man  I’m bringing you hope, My life was surrounded by confusion from the president of…
June 4, 2024

“Poem” by Michael

This is the only poem I’ve ever written. I wrote it after my wife passed away. It feels good to share a piece of me with the world.  Poem My name is Michael Anthony The name I received at birth  I had it beaten into…
June 4, 2024

“The Field” by Jarvis

The Field Jesus, please help. I’m tired of doing life like this  I stepped into a pit of demonic oppressors I felt were meant for me I think they’re killing me  I want to do right  but I’ve mixed my rights with left and it’s…
May 8, 2024

Poetry by Travis

Eucalyptus Pelican These visions welling up in me, Which came to life when you were born, This imagery inside of me That never could have come alone, Sprang forth to bear in solid form, These births of leaves, bark, and stone. The wonders of creation…
May 8, 2024

Poetry by Toby

AMERICA’S GUILT   When a jury gets it wrong, Who is there to correct it? When black lives are hunted down, Who's there to protect it? When kings and queens have dreams, Whose there to manifest it? When politicians betray the people, Who is there…
May 7, 2024

“How Do I See Love?” by Katherine

How do I see love? The word love really  Brings up good and bad Memories at times I blame Myself for how my life ended Up being. Love does not fit in my heart Any more, besides My family That has been my backbone Through…
May 6, 2024

“All American Mexican” by Daniel

All American Mexican They call me Mexican they call me Latino They even call me beaner but who am I, how do I Identify  How do I hide Am I from here or from there As am in limbo in my heritage snare I’m in…
May 5, 2024

Poem by Randy

Pain is the time when  You face those you’ve harmed and tell them That you are sorry you killed them 
March 6, 2024

“Pain” by Cornell

Pain is speaking your mind Feeling misunderstood Pain in you being kind Them backstabbing cause they can Pain is sacrificing and help out Finding out your being used
March 6, 2024

“Completely Incomplete” by Marcus

Are you still there? I won’t let go of her hand But the water whisks me away
March 6, 2024

Walls and The Golden Key by Clayton

Walls  Oh the walls that we put up, So high the world can see The day we finally break them down We’ll find humanity. In this world of walls contain My body physically, But in my body dwells my soul Which will forever remain free.…
March 1, 2024

Poetry by Paul

"Unforgiving friend What will tomorrow bring?"
February 26, 2024

Poems by Michael ‘God Klepto Thee Blind Poet’

    “Living For Me” I live for the future Because there's always change Hindered by the bars, And I still think long range This is about me, But more about humanity Cuz I have what it takes, To create a new reality Suffering in…
January 31, 2024

“Don’t Become What You Despise” and “Pieces of A Dream” by Jacob

“Don't become what you despise, keep your head up, and your dream will come alive.”
December 20, 2023

“A Christmas Story”, “Scars”, “If I Knew Then” by Jeffery

"Holding onto the things I learned along the way gives me the ability to better recognize the twists and turns, hoops and hurdles of an outraged life. I tried to hide behind fear, masking over those inner pains suffered through my own unique and real…
December 19, 2023

“Untitled” and “Peace to the World” by Sinmyah

Lonely, you feel lonely. Silent, you can't speak. Loud, you can't think.
December 4, 2023

“Owed to Oneself” by Tyane

Love yourself past all the flaws Look deep inside to the beauty that calls
November 29, 2023

“Memories” and “True Love” by Robert

“Simple things, like taking walks, hopes and dreams were positive thoughts... Having a Family, a normal life, husband, kids, and you as my wife.. Memories keep me going!!!” “True love never ends, doesn't break, but often bends.. We all have our ups and downs, sometimes…
November 28, 2023

“Who Are You?” by Ian

“It's not always easy to see your own silver lining, but that’s what others are for. To help you see. To help you learn. To help you remember to smile.”
October 31, 2023

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