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When a jury gets it wrong,

Who is there to correct it?

When black lives are hunted down,

Who’s there to protect it?

When kings and queens have dreams,

Whose there to manifest it?

When politicians betray the people,

Who is there to condemn it?

When drugs and guns cripple a race,

Who is there to disrupt it?

When rich America foster homelessness,

Who is there to oppose it?

When justice is blind faith,

Whose there to enlighten it?

When George Floyd couldn’t breathe,

Who’s there to stop it?

When we say her name aloud,

Whose there to echo it?

When mother earth is neglected,

Who is there to nourish it?

When our water system is toxic,

Who’s there to filter it?

When inequality is robbery,

Whose there to protest it? 

When four black girls perish by a bomb,

Who is there to denounce it?

When Black Lives Matter,

Who is there to ensure it?

When systemic racism stands tall,

We must all stand tall to dismantle it.




Diamonds are forever

Similar to love’s life span

I was told to find the perfect woman

I needed to be the perfect man


Then suddenly it happened 

Two lovely worlds collide

Smitten by your beauty

But fell in love with your inside


You was like my modern day Bonnie

And I was your modern day Clyde

If I was America’s Most Wanted

Then inside your love I would comfortably hide


But no love is truly perfect

When they said it, I missed it

Before God can bless your love life

Ultimately it has to be tested


But suddenly. IT WAS OVER!

I couldn’t believe it and cried

Cause a happily anniversary 

Ended up being: The Day My Heart Died!




Please don’t stop me from dreamin’ 

Dreamin’ keeps me alive

Trust me, I’m God’s child 

If only in his eyes


Inspired by divine purpose 

Reaching higher with each and every grasp

I used to have countless friends

But now only traces of distant laughs


God is the master artist

He created no one exactly the same

So if you disapprove of who I am

Reproof God for the creation he made


Picture a child fearful of being judged 

Slowly dying inside from a lack of love

Mom and dad unknowingly had the cure

So I went without a hug that’s pure


It took many years of self-therapy

Breaking down the walls of insecurity 

Tell me how free can a country truly be

If a man isn’t free of his own identity


So, the next time you see me

Think twice before you label me

‘Cause I’m one of God’s greatest invention ever judged

But there’s no name to describe me…so simply untitle me




If one was perfect, how out of place would they 

be… in an imperfect world?


To be perfect, one would have to be incapable of error 

and ignorant to the word “SORRY”…a five letter word that

Results from PAIN or AGONY.


Could Lady Love actually exist without her brother,

Pain? Or would she know not who she truly is, without

Contrast to blame.


Challenge is what strengthens competitors, not the 

Competition himself…because there’s no way we can enjoy

Life, without knowing the repercussions of death. 


Yeah! You hear me correctly; Blue is my favorite color

And green is my second…What a blessing we have in the

Variety, without it there wouldn’t be no selection.


And I still applaud the father who tries to teach his 

Son… because there can’t be any perfection, without the lessons of An imperfect One.

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