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Eucalyptus Pelican

These visions welling up in me,

Which came to life when you were born,

This imagery inside of me

That never could have come alone,

Sprang forth to bear in solid form,

These births of leaves, bark, and stone.

The wonders of creation shown,

The depths of love through vision are formal.

My hands, this vision, form, as one,

My art, my heart, for you, my son.


Baby Donkey Hairstyles 

When I was young, 

And full of fun,

And passion for my art,

I dreamed to do,

What’d not been done,

And this is how I made my start:

Directly out of barber school,

I experimented for a while,

With the then unknown phenomenon 

Of baby donkey hairstyles!


A Very, Very Happy Bear 

The busy, buzzy hum of bees,

Directs him towards a clump of trees.

With mighty sweet-tooth quickening,

He secretly feels a thousand stings.

He penetrates the treasured lair,

The scent of honey fills the air;

It’s very clear that we have here,

A very, very happy bear.


Elvira Shrew

Elvira Shrew, a friend so true,

Hid Tommy from the catcher crew.

They came and looked,

But never knew,

And then they left,

And out he flew.


Hairy Cheese

Miss Klees was not pleased

To find hair on her cheese.

Never known for her grace,

She froze that waiter in place,

‘Neath the withering gaze

Of her “angry dog” face.


The Crew Becomes Three

In a rather small boat, on a very large ocean,

In search of mysterious lands,

The Weevilweg sisters encountered a stoat,

Adrift in an old garbage can.

They hauled him abroad,

And they gave him some tea,

Then he fed upon small crusts of bread.

And that was the day that the crew became three,

One stoat, and two Sisters Weevilweg.


Farewell, My Son

Breathe deeply the scent of the grasses.

Revel in your strength and speed.

The glory of life’s morning flashes

For and long I journey

Sweet princely steed,

Great spirit bless,

Run well before the sun.

Embrace the servant-Hero’s Quest.

Farewell, my son!


The Great-Horned Chicken-Seal

I’ve lived near the ocean for most of my life,

And I work on the sea everyday.

Over time I’ve seen many incredible beasts,

From tiny luminous shrimp to the Giant Bat-Ray.

But until yesterday, I just thought it a myth

The implausible creature, preposterous! Un-real!

Then we passed Crabbers Rock whereupon it was perched,

And my own eyes beheld

The Great-Horned Chicken-Seal!


Gastrominous Boot

A strange and troubling vision,

Came upon Madame the Chicken:

A giant, levitating boot,

Poised right above the chicken coop.

She knew not then,

And knows not now,

Nor do the pigs, nor the goats, nor the cows;

The answer to this haunting question:

Was it a case of precognition,

Or a simple indigestion?


Two-toned Shoes and a New Suit

I feel good when I eat lots of veggies and fruit,

And felt great when I learned to play “Chopsticks” on the flute,

And speaking of chopsticks, some are made from bamboo shoots,

And mentioning bamboo makes me think of the zoo,

And those Pandas who always are good for a mood boost,

And my “Panda-fish” t-shirt, which is really a hoot,

When the train conductor saw it, he blew the whistle twice, whoo-whoo!

And by the way, I find the Mandrake to be a very humorous root,

And the slippy-slime feel of the Orange River – Newt,

Is more precious to me than the loot of a coot.

But fruits, flutes, bamboo shoots, and zoo-Panda mood boosts,

Shirts that are hoots, and train whistle whoo-whoos,

Humorous roots, Orange River-Newts, and Coots loot,

Are all best enjoyed in two-toned shoes and a new suit!

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