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It gives us the utmost pleasure of having the capability to share these amazing stories with the world, and in return, receiving a plethora of loving, caring, & inspirational messages that we can share directly back to them. But when these men & women take time to not only thank their supporters, but thank the HOSQ team for everything that we do, that is the greatest reward of all & reinforces that our efforts are not in vain. Beyond the appreciated gratitude, some of these men & women also provide updates after their stories have been shared.


Thank You from Harold

I'm grateful for this outlet and who knows maybe in some serendipitous way, this will be my year to manifest everything that needs to happen to make my life a success. I look forward to hearing from you and the team. You guys rock!
May 8, 2024

Thank You from Michael

"Humans of San Quentin has been very cathartic and healing for me and many of us inside Hopefully my story will help someone else in their healing process."
August 7, 2023

Thank you from Rolando

It really does make me feel good when I’m able to give back to the community. It makes my day when I can help someone.
July 24, 2023

Thank You from Cory

"Your kindness has given me a wake up call and a reason to trust again which always has been hard for me to do. I eternally have gratitude towards you. Thank you!”
July 10, 2023

Thank You from Jose

“I’d like to thank you! Not many have empathy for those incarcerated for not abiding by rules of society. For most of us normality was not normal as we come from broken homes, drug-addicted parents, gang-infested and crime-ridden neighborhoods.”
July 1, 2023

Thank You from Clayton

"Thank you so much for this experience. To all the staff of Humans of SQ, inside and out, you have helped me to heal an old wound, and regain power in the process."
June 29, 2023

Thank You from Demetrius

It’s a blessing and good thing that we survived and are still fighting to overcome. The human will and spirit is one of resilience, fortitude, and determination.
June 12, 2023

Thank You from Darren

A few years ago I was thinking of how I not only had this need to be of service to others as a big, big part of my recovery and rehabilitation, but I also hoped to find a way to be an inspiration to others.…
March 13, 2023

Thank You from James

A few years ago I was thinking of how I not only had this need to be of service to others as a big, big part of my recovery and rehabilitation, but I also hoped to find a way to be an inspiration to others.…
February 28, 2023

Thank You from Saragoza

I couldn’t believe how inspirational and positive I sound compared to my struggle and hardships in life! And perhaps it can resonate in others who have endured similar situations. It’s only been a few years since I have grown spiritually and mentally. I now understand…
February 28, 2023

Thank You from Charles

It was truly humbling to know that I was able to finally give something, for once in my life by virtue of sharing my life experience. It felt good to know my poor choices and negative experiences had such a positive impact on people. Thank…
February 2, 2023

Thank You from Eric

WOW! Words cannot express what I feel. You have brightened my day! I am so ecstatic. It is not too often I receive kudos.
November 1, 2022

Thank You from George “Mesro”

To everyone reading anything from the Humans of San Quentin, know these true stories come from real people struggling to become better people in a space that is not really designed for such reflection, and shown by people who genuinely care about the condition of…
November 1, 2022

Thank You from My

Dear Humans of San Quentin, Thank you so much for referring me to the Prison Journalism Project. I appreciate you showing value in my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I am grateful for your encouragement in my writings. Your compassion is very much heart felt and…
September 1, 2022

Thank You from Orienthal

Attn: Staff members Diane and Juan I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach the outside community. My wife loved my article. I want to revolutionize the prison system. I want free people to think differently of us. There are some…
May 15, 2022

Thank You from William

Dear Diane, Juan, Joe and the HoSQ Family, Peace be unto you! I want to thank you guys for using my story, as well as for your utterly life-affirming words and comments. It is my belief that those of us who inflict great harm incur…
April 18, 2022
Walter 2

Thank You from Walter

My Dearest Humans of San Quentin Family! I hope I can consider y’all family because I definitely consider y’all family! Seeing and hearing what’s happening with Humans of San Quentin within these walls and how people are reaching out, it is impressive! It's impressive because…
March 18, 2022

Thank You from Courtney

Dear Diane, Juan, Marcus, Joe, Rosita, Andrea and the voluminous number of volunteers. Hello, Team of Humans of San Quentin organization, Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise. I had really no idea what would happen when I wrote some of my thoughts down…
February 7, 2022

Thank You from Alex

Thank you dearly for your kind words and appreciation. This is really sweet. I have a couple of questions but first I want to also thank you for the photos extra copies. I want to know how do my family sign up to follow you…
November 16, 2021

Thank you from Arnoldo

Diane: 5/2/2021 Thanks for giving me a platform where I can express myself. I’m not a good speaker but I’m blessed to say that I can write. I’m very creative. I used to be an evil person and I caused a lot of damage to…
November 16, 2021

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