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Hello Diane,

I received your letters. I was very touched by the care and support of the Humans of the San Quentin team. I always consider myself blessed when I hear from my extended family! One of the best memories of the appreciation event was meeting all the young folk, like Harrison Kahn! It was a pleasure to share some of my life experiences with them.

Let all the youngsters know the next time I see them. I will sing my “letter-of-remorse” song to them because they may not know who they want to be (at this moment). But I will show them how to express who they don’t want to be. 

Which is just as important. 

Now, on to the best thought of the event!! It was the chocolate- and- vanilla cake! I put both of them together, with some peanut butter on top, and I was “crying and eating it at the same time. Do you know how it is when you peel an onion in preparation for a good meal? Well, that’s how I was, crying and eating at the same time with a big silly grin on my face. Like you see in the picture. 

Thank you,


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