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Dear Friends,

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to write to me and keeping me in your thoughts. It means the world to me to be able to have this opportunity. Thank you friends for believing in me, it means a lot. I think of you daily as well. Thank you for encouraging me to write to the outside world to get to know different people. I always wanted to do that. I’ve heard of people going on the internet. This is the first time I’ve ever been connected to the outside world.

How did I find my passion for cutting hair? One day I was drawing on one of the tables in the dayroom. Someone walked up to me and he asked me if I knew how to cut hair. I instantly said, “Yeah, I can cut hair.” Then he asked me if I would cut his hair. I told him, “Come on, let’s go. I’ll cut your hair.”

From that day on, I found myself helping people with the little I knew. It really does make me feel good when I’m able to give back to the community. It makes my day when I can help someone. People always ask me why I’m always in a good mood. I tell them that you need to believe in yourself and God, and have faith in your higher power. I try to help people as much as I can, especially the ones who need it. I believe helping people is the right thing to do. Today I can say to young people, help how you can, and do the right thing. I also tell them that they need to teach their parents and stay in school. Friends thank you one more time for what you are doing for me. Thank you and God bless with much love and respect to everyone.


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