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Demetrius, 56

Incarcerated: 31 years

Housed: San Quentin Death Row


Thank you for responding back and I am sending you pics and my submission. I am glad you’re still around and helping people. I wasn’t sure you were with Covid-19 hitting so bad and affecting so many. So many were impacted in different ways; those that already were struggling, COVID made it that much more difficult. It’s a blessing and good thing that we survived and are still fighting to overcome. The human will and spirit is one of resilience, fortitude, and determination. I know San Quentin,  out of all the prisons was hit hard. Of the 28 deaths here, 15 were on death row. I knew five personally. Sergeant Palanco I know really well! We think we have so many differences that we’re unable to coexist or come together, but we actually have more in common than we want to admit. I have learned to trust and be a little more vulnerable with people and these social outlets. Not all are out to do us wrong and hurt us in some way. Thank you all again and I’ll give you a try, they say nothing ventured nothing gained. Take care. Peace and blessings,



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