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How do I see love?

The word love really 

Brings up good and bad

Memories at times I blame

Myself for how my life ended

Up being.

Love does not fit in my heart

Any more, besides My family

That has been my backbone

Through it all. Even when I thought

No one ever truly love me

Now look at me with just me and

Family holding it down right by my side

It has not been Easy!

When I think about that

Word “LOVE” it really doesn’t bring

me to a good place.

Being in love is what

Got me in here in the first place

Now I am trying my best to change

All those negative thoughts about love

To where I can find love again 

Hoping that one day prince charming

Knock at my door asking if 

Am worthy of his true love.

he/she will one day come to me.

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