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I’ll never forget your pretty face,

your sexy smell, and delicious taste….

As months and years go passing by,

I can’t forget, even if I try…

Remembering the joyful times we had,

never completing, makes me sad…

Simple things, like taking walks, hopes and dreams were positive thoughts…

Having a Family, a normal life,

husband, kids, and you as my wife..

Memories keep me going!!!

True love

True love never ends,

doesn’t break,

but often bends.

We all have our ups and downs,

sometimes causes smiles or frowns.

Many years have passed us by, sometimes we laugh,

others we cry.

Older now can’t stand much longer.

Although my love only gets stronger.

True love never dies!

It’s been so long

I miss holding you in my arms,

enjoying your sweet and lovely charms.

Thinking about you each and every day,

regret leaving you this way.

It’s been so long since I felt your touch,

never knew I’d love so much.

I’ll always want, need and love you!

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