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Owed to Oneself

It is impossible in life to embrace each day

When decisions are made to effect your way

A positive attitude contributes more than that to be truly friendly

It takes an open mind and loving heart

To give each morning a special start

Love yourself past all the flaws

Look deep inside to the beauty that calls

Set aside insecurities only holding you back

Confidence in yourself is what you lack

Most are unsure what this journey’s about

It is more than work, love, God and devotion

A combination of animals, land, people and ocean

All connected on a spiritual side

With intuition and instincts meant to guide

More often than not the heart knows right

On inability to see the causes that fight

Temptation for the forbidden fruit

Is where it starts silent and mute

Creeping in deep to cloud your vision with lies

A sin is distinctive no matter the size

Anything at all can be abused if you try

So acknowledge these fruits without deny

None are perfect without any regrets

Make amends for your wrongs and pay your respects

Small acts of kindness are the ones that count

Add a little love for a large amount

Simple as it seems it will affect those around

Reminding them dirt is more than just ground

We were all created with purpose and reason

Celebrate the gift without holiday or season

Cherish each day by gaining what you can

Facing the fears from which you once ran

So take the day for all its worth

Embrace the sunrise as if it were birth


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