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Marcus, 33

Incarcerated: 6 years

Housed: San Quentin

Completely Incomplete

There is pain beyond the mirror to my soul

This pain has many faces

The incompleteness I feel stages a bloody battle with my strength

Its draining my sense of being

Pushing on my sanity

My God my God the calamity

Of my inner world

Utterly useless

This pain has many faces

The smashing of the glass

The tears stinging like shards

Pieces of me out of place

A puzzle missing pieces

A pain that never ceases

A cry that never listens

A love now missing

This pain has many faces

The thirst for her embrace

The want for just a trace of you

Are you still there?

I won’t let go of her hand

But the water whisks me away


This pain has many faces

I miss my Mommy.


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