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Cornell, 45

Incarcerated: 7 years

Housed: San Quentin


As I can recall

Mr. McCall said there are two types of pain:

One hurts

One alters

Let you tell me which reigns

In this life

Can’t control now

And where pain will be

Seems to find you

Where you are

Pinpoint delivery

Keeps you thinking

Feelings; facts

And the truth won’t believe

Best way to heal


Is to share it with the world

Not hurt people hurting people

Group circles, let it twirl

Share your stories and relate

As you’re listening to others

Cold thing called fate

Real love, warm covers

Pain could start as a seed

And develop over time

Hard to root out those thoughts

So much trauma on your mind

Pain could come in an instant

Blindsided by a light

Pain could come be that one missing

Thinking about them at night

Pain is speaking your mind

Feeling misunderstood

Pain in you being kind

Them backstabbing cause they can

Pain is sacrificing and help out

Finding out your being used

Pain is truth left out

And only lies in the news

Pain is one interview

To determine your fate

Pain is knowing you changed

And them seeing it late

Pain is waiting; anticipating

For unfulfilled expectations

Pain is having all new tools

Knowing all the instructions

But can’t open the box

Cause your key doesn’t work

Pain teaches in ways nothing else could

Through some pains comes profit

Deeper than commas

Pain speaks through prophet

Preparing you for tomorrow

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