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Most people say, they don’t like this, or that, and some also

Promise that they never do this, or do that, While others avoid

All of that, so don’t become what you despise, and take life

On one step at a time.

Before you end up like a ho-bo living on the streets

Without a dime, trying to survive, and stay alive, so don’t

Become what you despise, cause all the peoples who fail

Will tell you that they tries

So don’t become what you despise, like some people who

Steal, cheat, and lie, some even commit homicide, from

Their evil, and pride, while others drink, gamble, and get high, so

Once again, don’t become what you despise

Either you pass it up, or you take the ride, but don’t

Lock them up inside, cuz they will eat you alive, least

You tried, last, and final thought, don’t become what you

Now despise, keep your head up, and the dream will come alive


Reality ain’t nothing but a dream, either you get

Your hands dirty, or you keep them clean, but it all

Comes back to pieces of a dream, now half of the things we

Learn, now become a faded silver screen of the dream

Like all of the courses we study, math, history, and science

And some of us find it harder to define, just what is going

Through our minds, while it keeps coming back to pieces of

A dream, looking at the scene

Now the whole world will join in on, pieces of her dream

And now the silver screens are now visible, and seen

All from pieces of a dream, so keep your hands neat clean

Of pieces of a dream, pieces of a dream

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