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Some people miss smoking weed and going out to parties, but I miss spending time with my nephew. He was five when I came to prison. He is now 15 and such a smart, good kid. He brings the good out of me. He reminds me of myself, because he loves music, and he writes his music. He loves fashion, and being a smart mouth. He was raised by only women. My mother, his mother, his grandmother and me. When I came to prison I felt hurt, lost, full of pain, sad, angry, and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I tried to take my life. I was young, in prison for the first time and I couldn’t see my family. I was facing up to 60 years, but I didn’t give up. I went to the bible. I asked God to forgive me and give me a chance to do something right with my time. Even though bad things happen behind prison walls, I did not give up, my mother and grandmother raised a strong woman. I don’t believe in giving up because I am a child of God, no matter my mistakes or what I did ten years ago. Besides why I am in jail, I was always a caring, loveable, respectful woman. I trust in God to guide me and give me the power to change my bad habits. I’ve enclosed a picture drawn for my two-year-old autistic nephew, who means so much to me.

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