Explore the writings of our humans that write to us regularly! Beyond a single narrative, poem, or story, these authors share writings on a variety of topics, sometimes in the form of long-term series, about their current lived experiences, opinions, and their histories.

Messages from Within

Alex Ross, our poetry director, compiled four poems with messages of remorse, regret, and growth to share with people on the outside who may be at risk of making the same mistakes that the poets themselves made.

Dennis, 48

In his Red Flag Journals, Dennis writes about the factors in his life that led him to murder his wife, Jasmine. He discusses those “red flags” and details his growth during his time in prison, and his experiences teaching other young men with those same “red flags.”

Michael Moore

An editor on our inside team, Michael writes on his personal experiences and routines inside San Quentin State Prison. Read his pieces:

A Typical Morning, September 8, 2022

Thanks, Steve, September 5, 2022

What a Trip, August 28, 2022

Miguel Sifuentes

Miguel, a member of our inside team, writes about the goings-on inside San Quentin State Prison.

His current pieces include:

Picture Day on the Yard, July 23, 2022

Mt. Tamalpais College Graduation, June 24, 2022, written with Edwin Chavez