Humans on the Globe

Our goal is to shine a light into every cell around the world. Join us on our journey.

Prison can be the death of our connection to humanity. Every year that goes by, our memories of a life before fade away. And our only connection to a ‘life’ is a plain white envelope. Thank you for keeping the connection.” -Darren, 60

Our interactive map can be used to track our progress towards the completion of our goal. 

  • Select a country to view regions, and see how many people we’ve corresponded with in each. 
  • Select a state or city to find people in prison. 
  • Select a prison to view each story from within, human by human, story by story. 

We encourage you to browse stories from the prisons near you, and remember: although these people are incarcerated, they begin and end their days just like us. We maintain an earnest hope that the world they return to upon release sees them as they truly are: human. Join us in bringing this hope to fruition.

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