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2023 Media

Local News Matters - Bay Area News Article

By Francine Brevetti, Bay City News Foundation – December

Stockholm Criminology Symposium

By Diane Kahn, Andrea Coomber KC (Hon.), Ali Reunanen, and Dwayne Antojado – June

Solano caricature artist Ray Williams pays homage to SQ's prison journalists

By Edwin Chavez – March

North South Criminology Conference

By Diane Kahn and Dwayne Antojado – June

Belvedere woman gives a voice to incarcerated people through Humans of San Quentin

By Colleen Bidwil – March

Meant For It Podcast featuring Diane Kahn

Hosted by Polina Rubin and Amber Greene – February

One of SQ's newest artists honors lives lost to COVID

By Edwin Chavez – May

Humans of San Quentin: Humanising the incarcerated through social media advocacy

By Dwayne Antojado, Marietta Martinovic and Diane Kahn – January

Challenging the "Social Death" of Incarcerated People Through Storytelling and Advocacy

By Dwayne Antojado, Marietta Martinovic, Diane Kahn and Tarmi Vard – January

2022 Media

Belvedere woman helps share stories from inside San Quentin

By Hannah Weikel – December

Graduation Day

Michael Moore, Warden Ron Broomfield and Moore's family

By Michael Wilson Moore – August

Through photos and stories, Humans of San Quentin shares truths of the incarcerated

By Rahsaan Thomas – May

We Pleaded for Social Distancing in San Quentin. The State Refused, and Now COVID is Raging

By Juan Moreno Haines – January

Breaking barriers behind bars

By Emily Block and Erica Block – October

Q&A with Diane Kahn, co-founder of HoSQ

By Marcus Henderson – July

The March of Memories

By Edwin Chavez – April

Prisoner Uses Life Experience to Teach Young Men

By Kevin Sawyer – January

Reform Strategy: Utilising Lived Experience (video)

By The Howard League for Penal Reform – September

In Prison, the Work of Journalism is Challenging but Essential

By Juan Moreno Haines – July

Ailing 80-Year-Old Veteran Deserves Compassionate Release

By Rodney Baylis – April

2021 Media

Humanizing the Survivors of SQ's COVID Outbreak

By Steve Brooks – October

Writing for Justice Fellowship

Our very own Juan Moreno Haines has been selected for this fellowship. Stay tuned for updated writings.

In San Quentin, COVID-19 Prevention is No Match for Crowded and Poorly Ventilated Housing

By Juan Moreno Haines – October

To Act Like a Democracy

By Juan Moreno Haines – May

In Case of Darkness, or What to do With Incarcerated People

By Juan Moreno Haines – June

Humans of San Quentin Shining a Light In Prison Cells by Sharing Stories from the Inside

Press Release – January

2020 Media

Humans of San Quentin: Real Life Stories Behind Bars

By Leslie Hendricks – December

California Could Cut its Prison Population in Half and Free 50,000 People. Amid Pandemic, Will the State Act?

By Jason Fagone – August

Black Lives Matter in Martinez

By Eddie Herena – July

A Second Chance for Inmates in San Quentin

By Sara Rinaldi – June

A Plea to Governor Newsom: Don't Abandon Elderly Incarcerated People to Die from COVID-19

By James King – March

Even in a Pandemic, San Quentin Must Restore Rehabilitation Programs

By Marcus Blevins – December

Getting Out During a Pandemic

By Eddie Herena – July

"Man Down:" Left in the Hole at San Quentin During a Coronavirus Crisis

By Juan Moreno Haines – July

Completing the Circle: Restorative Justice at San Quentin

By Eislyn Snyder and Audrey Hettleman – April

In San Quentin Prison, Getting the Flu can Land you in Solitary Confinement

By Juan Moreno Haines – February

Struggling to Survive at San Quentin: "We Are Dying in Here"

By Juan Moreno Haines – August

At San Quentin, Overcrowding Laid the Groundwork for an Explosive COVID-19 Outbreak

By Juan Moreno Haines – July

In the Middle of a Pandemic, Prisoners at San Quentin are Punished for Being Sick

By Juan Moreno Haines – June


By Eddie Herena – April

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