San Quentin State Prison

Humans at this Location

  • Chris, 53

    “It was about the six seconds of compassion that my foster sister showed me and the courage to let her compassion flow through me.”
  • Michael, 40

    “What I do know and am sure of, is that night despite being discarded by family, left to fend for ourselves, scared, uncertain of our future, and up against the world. We banded together, faced whatever came our way, and prevailed as a family.”
  • Jesse, 37

    “I’ve seen people lose themselves in here. Prison can change people for the worst. I never wanted that to be me.”
  • Jorge, 34

    “Whether my mom knew it or not, the seeds she planted long ago started to bloom later in life.”
  • Tony, 50

    “I don’t want to grow bitter and dark, yet I can feel my mind slipping further and further down the rabbit’s hole turning my warm heart into ice.”

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