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Dear Humans of San Quentin personnel…. 

Attn: Diane 

Not being sure if I read the name correctly, this is to have you know that a second postcard was received indicating that my words will be expressed on your website and this is also to inform you that i think that’s beautiful! 

To all of you there, we truly appreciate your presence because to many out there, we have been forgotten or set aside, as yet there is plenty of life here.  

Thank you for caring. 





Dear editor,

Since I wasn’t given a title to which to direct my introduction I started my letter with a all respect intended I was given an address by an associate who have known for some time who goes by the name of Roach and he told me if I should give a brief summary of myself and send a photo that my info would be posted and that there could be a chance someone will write he is aware of how I have no one since I lost my mom last year and thought I should reach out in hopes that he was correct I thought I’d take a shot in the dark at the chance and I will write a little about myself on a separate sheet of paper.

I would also Send my thanks in advance if all of this is true because apart from only having my mom there is a guy who is a friend that was raised around my growing up and stays in touch with me so I’m not completely without any outside communication and at that I will let you go to write a brief summary about myself thank you 





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