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I was 13, it was a cold winter night at my mom’s house. I was downstairs with a pocket full of crack. The same drug she was addicted to. She came down and said, “Keith, give me a dime” ($10 piece of crack). I told her no, she then told me, “Get out of my house and go sell that shit somewhere else.” I eventually ended up giving her some. It was one of the worst feelings I ever felt. My mom raised me until I was 12. The rest of the way my grandma had me. I’ve been homeless, I’ve been sleeping in abandoned cars, etc, etc, etc. I don’t hate my mom. She’s been battling addiction since I was born. You only get one mom and I love her. I’ve experienced a whole lot of hurt. I get attached to the first sign of fake love and loyalty from a woman. Is that because I am looking for the type of security from a woman I lacked from my mother? My relationship with my mother isn’t all that pure, and I’d like it to be. How do I go about getting it stronger? Once I’m released I’d really like to experience true love and happiness with whomever my queen is. Do you have advice on identifying when somebody is true?

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