Angela, 52

Angela, 52

Meet Angela…

When I started my sentence in 2021 I felt all alone. Now I have a companion always with me.

Angela, 52
Incarcerated: 1.5 years
Housed: Avoyelles Women’s Correctional Center, Cottonport, Louisiana

Since my incarceration I have become a new creature in Christ Jesus. I never sat down long enough to get to know my savior. Now, I was baptized in the water here inside these prison walls. Now I take my 15 year sentence and devote my time to studying the word… No drug, no amount of money can compare to the freedom I have been given by the Holy Spirit. When I started my sentence in 2021 I felt all alone. Now I have a companion always with me. I learned that no matter what situation you face it is important to have peace and joy. Joy must remain because Christ suffered for us, and we share in his suffering. One thing prison or man can’t take from me is my attitude of being thankful, loving, gentle and humble. Never let anyone take your peace and joy. My motivation is in Jesus, knowing I messed up in life but I have been forgiven by just asking God to forgive me and turn from sin. Now I know when my time is done on earth I’ll be with my savior. (Eternal rest) Theology (Study of the word) is the highest education anyone may ever get… I encourage everyone out there to find freedom inside prison walls. God’s word will set all captives free.

Mauricio, 24

Meet Mauricio…

I ruined my life completely, it’s the end, there is nothing that can be done from here, they say I’m dead, I don’t even exist anymore.

Mauricio, 24
Incarcerated: 6 years
Housed: California State Prison Corcoran, California

I came to this country at 17 from El Salvador,  looking for better opportunities not only to help my family, but to have a sense of meaning. All that changed after I committed this crime months after I came to this country. It was a hard situation, not only because of the crime, but  because I didn’t know English or the laws in California. It felt like being blind. Some say that my life was over,  I ruined my life completely, it’s the end, there is nothing that can be done from here, they say I’m dead, I don’t even exist anymore; that’s all good, it has its truth in it.

When they said nothing can be done from here, I found that I can do a lot. When they said I was dead and I didn’t exist anymore, I started to live.  I have improved for the better and  found a new beginning. Two paths were open to me and I once heard a wise man say, “Choose the one that is less transited” and that’s my daily living. Being incarcerated hasn’t only been a challenge,  it has been a huge experience. It has helped me to mature as a person, as a man, to know myself in a way I couldn’t before, to understand why I think the way I do, and why I did the things I did. Most importantly, I came to know God not only as God , but I have a relationship with him. I owe everything I have accomplished in my life, everything I have and all I am today to him. I’m doing my best to make progress, to keep learning and educating myself to be the person I couldn’t be and to serve others. 

Carlos, 38

Meet Carlos…

Carlos, 38
Incarcerated: 16 years
Housed: San Quentin State Prison, California

Prison has a strength like no other, and it’s not even the guards who enslave us. Everything about prison is designed to break the very essence of a human person. From its mind, to its heart, to its spirit and aspirations. To any notion of having an existence beyond these walls. You arrive broken, shattered by the judicial system that prides itself on its near “perfect” system. And then, you’re left to fend for yourself. All those rules and regulations are but another facade created by the perfect system, to give everyone peace of mind, but they’re just words our governing authorities barely comprehend. So, there you are, in a cell. Trying to figure out what to do and who to trust, while you endure and try to survive what’s taking place in front of you. Time is vital to our existence, yet seconds determine who you’ll be in this walled off society. And just like your society out there, we’re still trying to be heard and dignified, as we’re plagued by injustices. So I thank my loved ones, my Sonni Rose, who reached in and pulled me out of my abyss, you taught me how to love. She gave me strength to overcome my confinement and raise my voice so you guys know that there are human beings in here. And I am, but one of many needing to be recognized as such. So, thank you my beloved, Sonja Dahler. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I’m grateful I have the chance to thank the people who helped me.

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