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I have spent over half of my adult life coming and going out of places like this. But this time, it is different because I know God is real as of July 13th of last year. I was raised and taught the Southern Baptist way. I went through the motions, never really understanding or even believing. But it was what I was raised to do.


We need less of us

and more of Jesus. (John 3:30)


Then July 13th, Jesus found me in a jail cell butt naked, begging for him to save me from my addiction. I had a $500.00 a day fentanyl habit. I prayed for five days in that cell for him to take the taste away from me.

I stand here, April 2024, only being locked up for the past 65 days, still sober. I thank God every day for taking the taste of it away from me because I know if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be alive today. Today, I passed out scriptures to the new ladies who came in. It gives me so much joy to share with them that we serve a forgiving God no matter what, and as long as we ask, he will. Walk by faith, not by sight. John 3:30 – we need less of us and more of Jesus.

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