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Ubaldo, 50
Incarcerated: 22 years
Housed: California Medical Facility, Vacaville, California

American Me

As a child I hid inside of myself
My allies books & homework, it took
Me a while shift & whirl English.

I laughed at all my mistakes
My American dream had hazel eyes,
Blond long straight hair & she can sing.

The elegance in which the lead alter boy
Strolled in front of the priest holding the
Crucifix, before & after mass was
Never rehearsed.

My prayers & dreams were like laughter &
Sadness; My superheroes Charles Bronson &
Bruce Lee.

I collected pennies that hid & relaxed under
Cushions on living room sofas, they became
Nickels, dimes, & quarters: they bought me
Gum, candy, big stick ice creams, & grab bags.

Saving quarters became dollars in due time
They bought me 45’s, Lp’s, cassettes, & posters.

In my dreams her & I sang little lies, Sara,
The chain, & stand back.

“Money stinks it’s dirty” mamita would say
“Wash Your Hands & don’t let it manipulate you”

As I got older I couldn’t resist.

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