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Dear Diane & Team:
I am in grateful receipt of your recent correspondence and thank you for all your time
and efforts associated with this interesting opportunity! Being that there’s approximately
20 Facebook accounts with my name attached, the only way I can think of to help you
accurately determine which two FB accounts are mine is to ask you to view my friend’s
agent and then locate myself within her “friend’s list.” Her name is Maile Smith, and she
currently lives in Warren, Michigan. I pray the uniqueness of her first name helps. Also,
one of my FB accounts – created in 2012- will reflect my town as Royal Oak, Michigan;
and the other account -created in 2017- should reflect Algonac, Michigan. Thank you
again for your efforts!
I am also enclosing another personal story for your consideration for posting, once my
pictures can be located. I am passing H0SQ’s info around amongst my peers, and even
offering to cover the cost of footage for anyone interested – as I receive ten metered
envelopes per month being “indigent.” Unfortunately, for a multitude of reasons, these
guys consistently decline. Having personally been involved with a handful of
organizations that afford prisoners/ detainees services similar to your own. I assure you
that your social media format is truly the best I have seen! Please thank your team and
know I sincerely appreciate and find joy in just being able to access and participate in
your mission!




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