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I am serving a 20 year sentence and am a cool fly person. The crime I am charged with is manslaughter but this doesn’t mean I need to be a bad person or keep getting persecuted. I have one son living and a son who passed away while I’ve been here. I lost my grandmother and my father while I’ve been in here too. I have lost so much being in prison, but gained a lot by meeting true people. I have spent my time taking classes here not wasting it. I am also a spiritual person, God is my higher power and one guy I need in my life. I plan to get a degree in business and want to start three businesses when I get out: a flour company, a food truck and a lawn care service to help the elderly.

I feel like I have been in prison all his life and I need to make up for all of that.

I hope to give money to the children’s hospital, pet rescue center and a homeless shelter. I want my victim’s family to know that I am sorry for all that I have caused and the pain. I know that I can’t say any amount of anything because of the anger I have caused their family. All I can say is, please have forgiveness in your soul. I have forgiven myself and I can’t bring back your family member. But I have changed my life for the better. The classes I have taken have made me realize that I have self worth and I don’t need to beat myself up any longer over any crime or my life. I have lost enough myself too. If anyone can forgive me for anything it’s my son, who lost the most out of all of this. I feel like I have been in prison all his life and I need to make up for all of that.


  • david chaveriat says:

    God’s blessing to you in your future. Keep thinking positive thoughts and plans.

  • Karen says:

    Carol thank you for sharing these touching word.
    For reminding us of the power of forgiveness including to ourselves.
    I am
    Happy for all the courses you have been able to take and for the strength ans beauty of your spirituality.
    I was struck not only by your future goals – but also your generosity in wanting to donate yoj money to important causes .
    Your son may have suffered because you were away in prison. At the same time I can tell he is an incredibly lucky son to have you. Blessings hk yoj Carol .

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