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My crime was first degree murder. I was raised in a two parent home witnessing and experiencing physical, emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse.

I grew up extremely insecure and lonely and bullied in my San Francisco neighborhood. I sought negative validation from peers which led to a myriad of criminal activity and a plethora of wrong choices.

Relationships with women would become one area of my life where I sought to gain control, and where my insecurities manifested into abuse aimed at my partner.

Jealousy, entitlement and selfishness were a few of the defects in my character that allowed me to murder my ex-girlfriend.

A lack of emotional intelligence pathed the way for me to react instead of processing my emotions.

In prison, I’ve learned that I am worthy and capable and it isn’t healthy to compare myself to others.

I cope with incarceration by living for tomorrow and making it better than today. My life’s purpose is to be of service and bring awareness to men about issues surrounding domestic abuse.

I am currently writing a correspondence self-help course for men in prison dealing with growth and change for a non-profit I co-founded, Awareness Into Domestic Abuse, (AIDA).

My plans upon release are to complete my degree in sociology and build AIDA into a state recognized organization. I seek to conduct workshops, seminars and to develop a batterer intervention program. In particular I’d like to work with the youth and design curriculum to be used in prisons and youth facilities.

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