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A truly timeless Jewel of knowledge handed down to me that’s one of my gold standards is my grandmother’s maxim, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

In my personal transformation, the California Department of Corrections has given me opportunities that have enhanced my moral compass. They have fundamentally echoed my grandmother’s wishes, specifically relearning the importance of picking prosocial friends within the community. These beliefs and values are non-negotiable, and although I am not perfect, I am very self-aware. So, for me, each day begins and ends by being mindful of how to keep myself and others safe, especially in how I carry myself as a family member, co-worker, peer, and friend.

So, if you’re not sure you’re good at being a friend, I encourage you to remind yourself of the potential within you! Show up selfless, and your actions will tell everyone exactly who you are as a confidant; since communication is vital, I’d like to thank all of the wonderful people who allow me to shed light on who they are, as it’s a blessing.

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