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Dear Ms. Diane,
Thank you for your response and picture of Dream Catcher and Origins Story of the
Plains People, which there are many. That Dream Catcher was made for you Diane. As
it takes months for you to find me an address to send it to you. Because R.R will not
send mail outs to P.O Boxes, unless it is a reservation. So he finally gave me Joe’s
address. I believed he would give it to you. Because you are the center of it all, Humans
of S.Q. So please Ms. Diane, do not be envious. I shall maybe send you one even
better. Do you have an address where I could send it, where you would be able to take
possession of it? Or some other way it could be given to your person? Please let me
know. You at least deserved that and much more. For the heart felt spirit and care you
give to Humans of S.Q and others, Thank You Ms Diane.

P.S. I’ve never heard from anyone that said they wanted to write me. Maybe it’s
because they looked up what brought me to prison as a High School Senior. At Least
you are still writing! Thanks again Ms. Diane.


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