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Diane and Juan and to the entire team,

I have never, ever, ever, written my story the way I just wrote it for you. If you’re find keeping “To The Families:” appropriate and safe, by all means leave it. IF not, feel free to delete it. At this point I will trust your judgement; I cannot think clearly, right now. My head is presently racing with all kinds of thoughts. And so I will leave that call up to you.

It was my true voice. My emotions and what and how I was feeling at the time. I was  just sharing. Being FREE to do so. Thank you for that. And I must now ask, IF at all possible for a copy of the enclosed nine pages, my story, my voice. I would greatly appreciate that. Feel free to email me and ask me anything you like. And thanks again for the outlet.

Best of love,


Greetings Diane, and to the entire team at HoSQ, 

Wow! You guys left me speechless. I was beyond moved. I was in tears, overwhelmed with joy and appreciation. “I owe a debt of gratitude so big I won’t attempt to capture in here.” I was impressed to what you guys sent me, to where I put the pages into a 3-ring binder – staples – folder, with the pages in clear plastic protectors and shared it.  

Hope that has you smiling. All of you. The letter alone was brilliantly written. I swear it stole my heart. Stunning words. Captivating my soul and melting my heart. I couls never ever thank you all enough for your passion with HoSQ. I dare to speak on behalf of all incarcerated: Thanks for the love! I cannot write much now, for I have several legal letters to get out tonight,  but for anyone who wishes to write to me, please feel free to pass along my email: As for my brother, he’s probably not actually more than likely he won’t be into it, but I will still send him a flyer. 

I do have some names for you that would love to participate: 

It has been the upmost pleasure. I too hope to find a new friend. Would be nice. 

I will continue to pass along your info, I’m presently waiting for copies of your flyer. Keep your passion alive – you will always find your place in life. Take care of yourselves out there and be safe. 

Mad love to Diane, Juan, Joe, marcus and the entire HoSQ team. 

Thank you. 



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