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Humans of San Quentin,
I can’t even put my thoughts into words when I received your letter and the mail. I
was going through a rough patch in my life but after reading the letter I received and
seeing the comments and likes my heart was filled with joy. I see that some of them had
questions about if they could use my poem in their curriculum. Anything I write to
Humans of San Quentin I don’t mind them being used. Another question was about the
book my sister published for me. It is called The Book of Spade and it is on All they have to do is search for my name which is Jamsson Telisma.
I truly appreciate what you guys are doing and I pray that God continues to bless
this organization. You are giving a voice to the voiceless. Now I don;t know if you want
me to send you a picture every time I write to you or if the same picture will be used
every time. As you know I like to express myself in poetry so here is another one. It is
called “Broken” and it is a very personal poem. I hope you enjoy it.

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