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I’m Broken

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

I lost my fight, I lost my soul

I lost my will, I lost it all

But by bit. I let it all depart

Piece by piece. I need me back

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

Beyond repair it feels to me

I want to quit, that cannot be

Strength resides somewhere inside my heart

Nothing should be tearing me apart

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

Destruction caused by my own hand

Here I am stuck in this mystery land

Dealing with individuals that stay the same

They don’t grow up. They stay being lame

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

I can’t seem to find a way to escape

Where are the true heroes, the ones with no cape

I need a hand to get out of this hole

Someone that will help to make me whole

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

Too many types of pain I have taken

The number of heartbroken there ain’t no mistaken

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

My happiness left, my Love got lost

Everything I did came at a cost

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

Too many years have gone in a flash

Beautiful memories are turning to ash

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

I feel like I’m digging my own grave

Getting derailed deep inside a cave

Time passes but I can’t leave my past

I need a way to move forward fast

The sadness I have is unbelievable

Now would be a perfect time for a miracle

No more running, time to stop being a coward

I need to focus and move myself forward

I have many years to achieve my dreams

I can’t do it on my own. I need a team.

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

I lost my fight, I lost my soul

I lost my will, I lost it all

But by bit I let it all depart

Piece by piece, I need me back

I’m Broken. I’m Broken.

I got in trouble with the words spoken

Left in this world without a token

Mistake after mistake cut me real deep

This road ahead of me is truly steep

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

I can’t seem to find my own way

It looks dark even during the day

The light inside of me doesn’t seem to exist

I won’t give up. I will continue to persist

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

There’s nothing that I can’t fix

I just have to find the perfect mix

Love and Loyalty with a bit of confidence

I’m not alone and still I have my independence

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

I’ll gain my fight, I’ll gain my soul

I’ll gain my will, I’ll gain it all

Bit by bit, I’ll let it be

Piece by piece, no stopping me

I’m Broken. I’m Broken

No More.


I need someone that won’t give me attitude when I write them a letter. Shows me gratitude I pour to you my body, my soul, and my heart and never once have you appreciated my art. I’m exhausted, been torn to pieces internally, it’s a grave inside, things will get better hopefully. Yet there are so many pieces that I can’t find.

Where did it all go? I’m losing my mind

I need to relax, breathe. Stay concentrated

I can’t lose my control due to all the hatred

I will continue to stand up. Show my love.

No one is alone. Together we can all be above

Above grief together finding peace

All we want in life is to live at ease.

I can’t have you always giving me attitude

When all I have ever done is give you gratitude

I pour it all to you with every letter

And yet you never make me feel better

There’s no point in me writing all these poems

If all you do is cause me problems

Should I hide everything that I feel

That’s probably the best way to heal

Never have I been backed into a corner

Yet my heart won’t let me forget her.

Disappointment is something I don’t wanna embrace

But losing you is something I cannot face.

I need someone that won’t give me attitude

How else do you need me to show you gratitude

I won’t get on my knees, not gonna beg

I would rather shoot myself, lose a leg

Controlling my feelings, that’s what I lack

All I ever get from is talking smack

I need to quit flaunting my devotion

There’s no point to showing you my true emotion

All you cause is for me to break down

Taking me ona wild ride town through town

Gotta stick to my roots before I drown

I’m a Latino. Loud. Proud. And Brown.

Yes we have a little problem with attitude

Especially when all we do is give our gratitude

I don’t care about money, all this cash 

All I ask is to not be treated like trash

I want to give you my body. Soul. and heart.

Yet you keep, slowly, tearing me apart.

Love made me blind to your deception

I lost myself, I wasn’t paying attention

There is so much of me I have to discover

I will not allow hate to take over

Love is for my body. For my inner being

Time to open my eyes look what I’m really seeing.

It’s time for me to give the attitude

But I can’t do it, I ain’t a cruel dude

It’s complicated for me to even so no

Even when I know that’s what I should do

My Heart is filled with love, not hate

I will stop leaving things up to fate

There’s no way that I’ll always be nice

Treat me with respect or pay the price

I won’t always be the best man

But…I will be the best that I can

I will rise always try to stay above

I will always be filled with a lot of love

Love for those that show me gratitude

Not to those that continue to give me attitude.

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