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I never thought I would have made it to this place. I am getting out soon. It is very bittersweet because I have missed out on 22 years of my son’s life and of my life as well. The biggest lesson I have learned in all this is accountability and the power of my decision. If I am unwilling to own the consequences on the other side of a decision, then I should not do it.

I think long and hard now about my decisions, who they will affect, and where the decision will take me. I believe decisions are open doors to reality. This is the reality I created, but I am blessed, and the sweet part of this is I get to walk through a different door because I have served my time with dignity, remorse, and accountability. I have taken my rehabilitation into my own hands and am leaving here as a fully realized woman who will make positive contributions to this world. I will not only be remembered for violently hurting people but as someone who adds value to those I come in contact with.

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