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Video Transcript

“When I was arrested, I’m in the courtroom, the judge is reading off my charges and my sister is sitting right next to her she’s my younger sister her name is Debbie. She cried out so loud- this is a sibling that I grew up with. It wasn’t like we didn’t grow up with each other or we don’t know anything about one another. I’ve never heard her cry out like that. It was just so painful. On one of the visits that I had with my mom, once again, my sister was with her and I spoke to my sister after the visit, and she explained to me that mommy broke down crying, putting your mail in the mailbox. Publicly she’s not a scene maker so much so everyone knows that she’s suffering or going through pain. She was very well at masking that, and that broke my heart so much. I still wasn’t too connected with how much of an impact I’ve caused for not just my family members but with my community and my friends. Up to this day, I talk to my friends and they reach out to me, and they’re like, ‘What you did changed my life, my journey. You know, I’m married, I’ve got kids.’ But it was so significant for me.”

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