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While driving with my friend Charlie down HWY 101, I was coming down off dope, and he disapproved of using it. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, so I told him to pull over, and I would hitchhike where I wanted to go. I got my suitcases to the other side of HWY 101 and realized I had forgotten my letterman jacket in his glove box; I was running back across the highway to get it, and a black car was coming way too fast.

I woke up in the hospital after a three-day coma.

When they discharged me. My friend Charlie said when the car hit me, it was going 65 miles per hour, and I went flying through the air. Splat, and Charlie, as a Marine Veteran, having seen plenty of men die in combat, knew when people were goners. He walked to where I landed 17 feet in front of the car that hit me and saw I was not breathing. He checked for a pulse. None.

He got down on his knees, put his right hand on me, his left one up, and remembered that a pastor once told him to always put your right hand up to God, so he switched hands, put his left on my chest, his right hand up, and said “Lord, please help this man” As soon as he said those words I gasped for air, started breathing again and my heart began to beat again. This was on July 27th, 2023. My new birthdate, you could call it. God has plans for me!

The Light

I’ll be right there beside you to catch you if you fall. I’ll be a light to guide you and come running should you call. Our creator’s light shines bright in me, like the sun rising in the sky, but your love brightens my soul within and will til the day I die.

Bullets of Love

When I first met you, it was so much fun. You didn’t know it, but you had a gun. Then it hit me. I was shot from above. You fired at me, your bullets of love. I was shot through the heart. I was struck in the head. Soon, a big part of me would be dead. But that dying part of me, so that you know, was the ugliness in me I had to let go. I’ll soon stand before you a new, complete man. The world is ours, won’t you take my hand? Veronica, you are the center of my universe and a twinkle in my eye.

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