Meet Jimmy…

“The one thing that makes individuality is the practice of good works.”

Jimmy, 38

Incarcerated: 22 years

Housed: Sterling Correctional Facility, Colorado

Art has carved a path that has led me to experience a poetic journey of pleasure and pain. It demonstrates and seeks God’s greatest gift, a perfect perception with no variableness, only love. It has my arms opened wide to embrace understanding, a peace within. The process has allowed me to identify and account for attitudes and behaviors. It is an inspiration for those willing to walk by faith and labor in love, not to be first to finish but to enjoy the mileage of prestige. I challenge anyone to live and share their authentic creativity, which expresses time and reveals the mystery of the soul. The one thing that makes individuality is the practice of good works. There is a need for wise teachers to cultivate egos that are too deep in the past and in the future. A true believer in humanity hopes to find peace with one another. A state of perseveration under trial not to control, only poetic revelation of order by faith. The powerful rewards of the universe are waiting for anyone who creates Art forms that stretch across the spectrum of light and shadow. To reveal my testament, love, Art, faith, the will to choose.


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