Artist Jon


Jon, 42 years old

Incarcerated: 7 years

I  found Christ and my spiritual life has grown along with my faith and hope. I am sharing with Humans of San Quentin to give back and hopefully share some smiles, positivity, and inspire others. I love volunteering and giving back. I never sell any of my work. The rewards come with smiles, laughter, and the possibility you could change the direction of someone’s difficult day. The painting I created started with a project that went from the walls of my cell to canvas. I have always been good with my hands fixing and innovating. When I find something that makes me happy I share it in hopes it will bring joy to others. With patience and peace good things will find you. You are worth it, never give up! My family wanted to see my paintings so I had to put them on canvas so I could mail them home. HoSQ gives me the opportunity to share my work with not only my family but anyone that wants to see. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to rediscover a little HUMANITY.

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  1. Janet

    Just want you to know how proud I am of you. Your paintings are amazing….with limited tools & supplies to work with they are totally awesome. Your faith and hope are very strong and you have definitely become the man I always new you were. The other inmates count on you for help and guidance….your influence and positivity brightens their days. Keep up the great work because YOU are worth it and Never give up.
    Hugs and kisses,


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