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Humans of San Quentin 

Theres a society surrounded by walls

Men, daily, making their phone calls

Bard wire you can see everywhere around 

Men keeping their feet on the ground 

To some people we are just criminals

Others try to treat us like animals

Our mistakes caused a lot of effects

But we are men, we aint perfect

We go to school, we go to work

We go to store, we east with a fork

We play sports, we compete with teams

We try our hardest to achieve our dreams

3 years of my life are gone

I am getting close to being done

Other men are stuck with a life sentence

Society trying to keep them in silence

They will never have a chance at freedom

Making prisons into their Kingdom

There should be a way to make change

Men just want to flip the page

The world outside to them is strange

They want to have a chance to engage

Humans of San Quentin, the world needs to see

We may not be outside but inside we are free

Multiple personalities, many races, all of us alive

We want an opportunity so we can thrive

We’ve been castaway to the side

Inside our hearts we still have pride

We draw, we paint, we write, we sing

There is a lot that we can bring

Qualities that have stayed in the shadows

Too many voices that you should follow

A lot of talent you need to witness

Men continue to focus on making progress

The world needs access to whats within

Men are struggling to escape the pain

A lot of hurt we know we have caused

Doesnt mean our life should be on pause

We seek help so we can make a difference

People can learn a lot from our experience

Humans of San Quentin, should get an opportunity

The government can make it a possibility

Men should have a way to succeed

Give then the proper tools that they need

Behind these walls we are judged unfairly

We are trying to improve ourselves daily

Without opening the doors we will remain stuck

We need the world to change our luck

There is nothing we cant do 

If you can do it, I know we can too

You may not believe these words that we speak

But we are not monsters, we are not freaks

We are men with a lot of imperfections

Trying our best to show you all our aspirations

Opportunities will lead us to possibilities

Possibilities will lead us to abilities

Our abilities will lead towards demonstrations

Demonstration will open the door to communication

There is a society inside these walls

Men are learning to stand up tall

Yes we do see bard wire everywhere

But staying the same will lead us nowhere

The key to our success is through education

We just need to find the motivation

Men keep believing that they are weak

That their futures keep looking bleak

Of their emotions they will never speak

Men, you can all reach the peak

Support we can find at any place

Together, our problems, I know we can face

We have to trust people we have around

Together we can all stay above the ground.

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