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I write this one day after training for my mentorship. People say they can handle the truth, but is that even true? I could be better even if I try to be better. It never works out like that for me. I press things differently, am different from others, and how my brain works is different from when I was 23.

What works for me may not work for you, and what works for you may not work for me. What may be right for you to me may seem as if you were wrong because each of us is different. And what is suitable for me in your eyes is wrong because you are different. Is that wrong? No, it just means we are different. And that’s cool! We are all meant to be different because that is how God made us. There’s a reason for everything that happens in our lives: we all are meant to go through it for a reason.

It’s OK if you don’t get it or you don’t agree; however, being a grown adult and being a marcher is part of growing and understanding that it is OK to disagree. What is not OK is when we think we are always right. And it’s our way or no one else’s. Is that even OK? That’s not even partly true. Start by putting that line or setting that border. You don’t have to worry about anything, but just having that and building communication and keeping it open to come up with an understanding. I am not saying I’m right once again; I’m just saying you won’t know if you don’t. Don’t try to see what works for you or me. Ask yourself if you would like to change. Or do we need a different outcome in our lives? And whatever you come up with, ask yourself again and see if the answer you had first matches up with the second or first one. That is my mind, and I make it around every day, and it works for me.

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