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I don’t think that the public realizes that there are non-violent 3 strikers such as I in prison still for petty crimes like stealing a 12 pack of beer.

Incarcerated: 20 years

In junior high, I was sitting in my electronics class and the intercom came on “Kelsey, report to the vice principal’s office ASAP.” The VPs office means trouble 99.9 percent of the time, so the class went “Oooh!” I was worried to death. “I heard you placed 2nd place at the California State BMX championships last weekend” I was so relieved, I couldn’t believe what he said, wow. “Yes sir, Mr. Frankino.” “I want to ask you if you want to start a BMX team here at school, make a track on the grounds and have BMX races on the weekends, you could even have practices at lunchtime. I want you to pick a five man team of the best riders.” I said “Yes Sir.” We became the Valley View Vikings BMX team. We got a tractor from one of my friend’s dad, who was a farmer and literally dug up the school grounds and made a BMX track. I was our team captain, all in ninth grade. I was “Joe Moto.” A couple of weeks later one of my BMX friends came up to me at the VV track with a dirt bike magazine. In it there were photos and an article of me taking second overall at the state championship. It was the greatest time! If it wasn’t for my dearest mom taking me to all the races I would not have known my potential and that pretty much says it all. I never got the opportunity to race the World Championships, sorry to say. Thanks, Mom, for everything. I love you so much. You were 1st overall mom. 📸: Ms. Smith’s and Kelsey

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