Artist Kelvin, 61

Incarcerated: 18 years

Housed: San Quentin State Prison 

Artist Bio & Inspiration
I am a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, from Richmond, California.

My inspiration for art was born from my experiences, passions, perceptions, and from others who have shared their stories. Regardless of my level of ability, art has always been a catalyst for me to create and engage with others. As I continue to learn and grow as an artist, in a variety of genres, I remain steadfast, in increasing my level of knowledge.

Inspiration for “Chillin”
Despite their obvious differences, my pets got along very well, and were very protective of one another.

Inspiration for “You can take us home now”
A reflective thought from my mid-twenties. My ex-wife had this endearing way of letting me know that she was ready to go. Rarely did the occasion matter. She’d snuggled up close and whisper the same six words with a smile.


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