Artist Kit

I began painting with acrylics and oils on the “Honor Yard,” a facility at California State Prison, Los Angeles County. I usually approach most paint projects by first learning the required size of the canvas. When I saw the 6”x6” mini stretched canvas, I was tickled to the core of my being, thinking it was some type of joke! I’ve never painted on such a small surface like this before and I thought, “NO BIG DEAL!” Well, trying to paint on a tiny canvas was a lot more challenging than I arrogantly thought. I literally sat there for hours trying to conjure up various ideas, but to no avail. So, as I slowly sipped on a hot tea, “chillaxing,” I asked the mini-size canvases, “YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU DESIRE TO BE!?” And out of the blue, I telepathically received a selfie from Da Paco Tica showing off its cool smile. Then a patriotic eagle with its glamorous profile followed by a Lonerwolf and a cool fox. Thank you Lord for the wisdom of the fox; had I continued on the destructive path of an angry wolf, I would have never discovered the narrow path which leads me home – FREEDOM!!! I was found suitable for parole on July 8, 2022. In closing, the portraits of J. Lo and Ariana Grande represent what I truly love and enjoy about painting and also what inspires me most – the feminine beauty and their divine aura ni the colors of hope and love ❤️ Kit’s paintings will be available for sale soon – keep an eye out or drop by our office to view them!


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