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Humans at this Location

  • Brian, 43

    After years of soul searching, it became important to give back for all that I've taken. My universal balance was off kilter. The biggest way to give back to everybody I've adversely impacted is to remove myself as far as I can, from the little kid who came into the system. After decades of being despondent and without support or camaraderie, my personal mission statement was created: 'To add value to the lives of all prisoners.’
  • Marcus, 37

    “The ‘Game’ gave me a rare opportunity to proverbially speak to my younger self, it pains me to admit that I failed to reach him.”
  • Keiyo, 43

    “Twenty one years in prison has been extremely challenging and difficult. I've still been able to achieve a clear and much needed defined view of who I am and what my true purpose in life really is.”
  • Andrew “Drew”, 45

    Regardless, I'm staying committed to being a better person and I’m inspired by those who succeed. Besides, I've been down so long that I have no choice but to come up.

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