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Humans at this Location

  • James, 51

    Growing up too young, my life was defined by fixing items that most of society considered trash. This became my therapy, filled my pockets, and quickly became my favorite hobby.
  • William, 58

    What on earth would make this young person, with so much life and joy ahead of her, want to keep in contact with someone like me?
  • Todd, 36

    It is unnatural to me for a parent to outlive his child. Facing this harsh reality while incarcerated forced me to deal with it head-on.
  • Shawn, 46

    I've been known As “R227**” staff and prison officials only see me as a number.
  • Taki, 45

    I am struggling to receive love because it falls way short of what defines love for me. This is where hard work and growth meet.

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