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God saves his hardest battles for his strongest warriors.

Maria, 35
Incarcerated: 8 years
Housed: Montana Women’s Prison, Billings

I’ve been doing time since I was 13. I was 20 yrs old when I ate my first steak and experienced many things I missed. I had no independent living skills whatsoever. I went straight to the streets and got involved in selling drugs. I was only out for six years of my adult life and I was locked up again this time with a  29 year sentence. Since I’ve been in here, I’ve dove deep into education with certificates as a dog trainer and groomer.  I speak to college students and recently did an interview to change legislation and was granted parole from the parole board. I’m so blessed. I also get to do an awesome re-entry program called Culinary Art School to become a chef. God is great. I think being slow and steady, focused and determined has paid off. God saves his hardest battles for his strongest warriors. I love to spread the word and would love to be a part of your movement.

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