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To Diane,

Thank you/the H.O.S.Q team for the copy/second copy of my story being posted. I was so overwhelmed with joy to know I was able to have an impact of positivity in the community @ large and locally.

I’ve been commissioned to do a piece for the San Francisco Art Institute (SEAI). I look forward to seeing what folks feel/or think of that piece.

As a token of my appreciation I have enclosed some copies (you can keep) of pieces I’ve done previously.

The enclosed are:

  1. Women of Alcatez (acrylic ink, stippling dots, private collection)


  • Bumby Johnson wife
  • Al Cophone’s wife
  • A Sergent’s daughter on a rock @ Alcatez
  • A model who was married to an inmate in for bank robbery (center)
  • Wife of the last man ever incarcerated @ the prison. He was a Puerto Rican nationalist (bottom counter)
  • “Machine Gun” Kelly’s wife (w/ roses)

The piece celebrates women, who have an influence in men’s lives as they always have.

  1. Angela – Now

This piece celebrates the woman who influence some of us back in the day to stand for something. She’s a professor @ University Santa Cruz (color pencil). On permanent exhibit in the U.K. @ University of Derby

  1. Ancient Mother’s Tears

This piece was inspired by my studies of ancient Egypt and Moors and the fact that mother’s have, tears of joy/tears of sadness regarding their love ones. (color pencil, acrylic paint on colored paper). On permanent exhibit in the U.K. @ University of Derby

Hope y’all enjoy them.



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