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I’m ready to be a husband and a dad and a good man.

Incarcerated: 6 years

Housed: San Quentin State Prison

“You know what your problem is? You always want to be the good homeboy. I know you love us but you’re not a husband or a dad, you’re a homeboy.”

It crushed me because she was right. I always put the homeboys first and left her and our sons to pick up the pieces. I started this prison term still trying to be the guy I was on the streets and because of it, I’ve added on another 32 months to my sentence.

Changing was always something I wished for but never got because I didn’t put forth the work. It’s hard to unlearn things you’ve lived daily all your life. Since I have really dug deep and started to do the work, I’ve realized how warped my thinking was.

I still struggle at times and it is discouraging cause I want my family to automatically see my change; but I don’t let things set me backwards anymore. They should have written me off but their love wouldn’t allow it.

I’m so grateful for these past few years at San Quentin. I’ve grown so much and I’m ready to show my family that all the love and hope they invested in me was worth it. I want to show them they are the most precious thing in my world. I’m ready to be a husband and a dad and a good man.

I love you Beverly, Sean and Ronnie.

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